Monday, January 24, 2011

Farm tour

I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while, so here are the few things I did over the weekend.

I went to the farms with my dad to do his rounds (spot checks), love doing these stuff with my dad. Going back to nature :p

Anyway, over the 2 days, had quite an interesting talk with my dad. Now I know that he is quite open and receptive of my plans to come back to Sabah. He even suggested what industry I should work in before I come back; even have something sorted out when I come back.

So I’ll be back in 3 years time, who knows what will happen by then. All I know is, I’ll be coming back home. :)

Hilux and the little farm tractor that is a back up in case i needed to be pulled out.

my muddy boots. chuck to the river to clean and u can use it the next day. :)

My hat from Australia... Love this hat..!! :D Protects me from sun and rain, prevents my face from getting hit by plam leaves, jst love it. :)

Bird net to catch birds. and yes, they eat them :p

My worker's kid. O how much that little boy have grown

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